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A list of papers written or co-written by John Heidemann is below, sorted by subject. This page includes only primary papers and omits some technical reports and papers that have been superseded. To see everything, go to the comprehensive, chronological list of papers (in reverse order of publication). For a less terse description of what I’ve done, check out my research.

The subjects (with links in this page):

Denial-of-service and network security

Spectral analysis of network traffic

Topology and address space modeling

Network simulation

Service and Traffic Detection and Classification

Traffic modeling

Network observation, privacy, and data sharing

Internet routing and Reliability

Analysis of the Domain-Name System

World-Wide Web

Networking education

Networks and Big Data

General sensor nets and embedded nets

Data sharing in sensornets

Data fusion in sensornets

Policy and privacy issues in sensor networks

Understanding wireless propagation

Localization and location-aware computing

Data dissemination, routing, and transport protocols in sensor networks

MAC and topology-control protocols for sensor networks

High latency and underwater sensor networks

Energy Conservation and Management

Applications of Sensornets and SCADA Systems

File-system Stacking

Optimistic Replication

Other Subjects

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