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As a principal scientist at Information Sciences Institute and chief scientist of the Network and Cybersecurity Divsion. I am active in research in several areas. My current research interests are Internet measurement with applications in security and policy, and design of network protocol and critical systems. I also teach and advise students at the USC Computer Science Department.

Two things for fun: see LA through ISI’s eyes (or at least windows). Suprisingly, My Erdős number is 3, through Fan Chung Graham (via On unavoidable graphs and 6 other papers) and Walter Willinger (via Towards an AS-to-Organization Map, thanks to Walter’s prolific and useful collaboration!). My Bacon number is, however infinite.

For students interested in working with me or entering USC, please see my advice page.

Research Projects

At ISI my research examines how observe and analyze Internet topology and traffic to improve network reliability, security, protocols, and critical services. My networking research occurs in the context of ANT, the Analysis of Network Traffic group at ISI.

In these areas I’m currently active on several research projects:

In addition, I thank foundation support from a Michael Keston Research Grant (2017) and The Rose Foundation (2021). And I am grateful for industrial support from Intel Corporation (2000-2003), Northrop Grumman (2003, 2014-2017), Chevron (2004-2013), Cisco (2005, 2007), Verisign (2014-2016), Northop Grumman (2014-2017), and Amazon (2018),

Research collaborations

Networking research is strongly collaborative. Organizations with which I am affiliated:

(And of course, many student, industry faculty collaborators as well.)

Prior Research Projects

A fun thing about research is that it is always changing, so it’s always new. Individual projects tend to be fairly short, although of course research themes span multiple projects.

From 2000-2013 I lead I-LENSE, the ISI Laboratory for Embedded Networked Sensor Experimentation to study wireless and sensor networking.

My work has spanned a number of the research projects:

Earlier Research

In addition to work at ISI, I did my graduate work at UCLA as part of the Ficus project. My PhD dissertation (under Gerald Popek) concerned stackable filing, an approach to structure file-system components to support rapid development and deployment of new services. While at UCLA I also contributed to the Ficus replicated file system.

Before graduate school I worked for several years at the folks of Microimages (when it was still a research project at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln).

(Research) Community Service

One aspect of being active in academic research is supporting the process of peer review. To that end I am an senior member of ACM, and a fellow of IEEE Computer Society. I also particpate in various program committees, including TPC co-chair of ACM SIGCOMM 2019, ACM Workshop on Underwatner Networks 2009, ACM SenSys 2006, and IEEE EmNets 2005. I also served as general co-chair of ACM IMC 2016 and ACM Hotnets 2014](http://conferences.sigcomm.org/hotnets/2014/).

In the past, I was an associate editor of the ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, on the editorial board of IEEE Pervasive Computing Magazine, and a member of Usenix.

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