new talk “Infrastructure for Experimental Replay and Mutation of DNS Queries” at the AIMS Workshop 2017

John Heidemann gave the talk “Infrastructure for Experimental Replay and Mutation of DNS Queries” at CAIDA’s Active Internet Measurement (AIMS) Workshop in San Diego, California, USA on March 2, 2017.  Slides are available at
From the abstract:

Emulating the DNS hierarchy both efficiently and correctly.

The DNS ecosystem today is revisiting basic design questions: should it encourage TCP? TLS? DTLS? Something completely new like QUIC or HTTP? While modeling and analysis help answer some of these questions, experimental evaluation is necessary for validation, and in some cases the only way to get accurate estimates of software memory use and performance. This talk will discuss our recent work in supporting experimental evaluation of DNS with components that support trace replay and evaluation. Trace replay is supported by a DNS data archive to prime replay with real data, and a query mutation system to support what-if evaluation using variations of that data.

The trace replay system is the work with Liang Zhu; this work is part of a larger system to support DNS experimentation, joint work with Wes Hardaker.

The software discussed in the talk is available at, and this work is part of our progress towards the NIPET testbed.