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New conference paper “Detecting Encrypted Botnet Traffic” at Global Internet 2013

The paper “Detecting Encrypted Botnet Traffic” was accepted by Global Internet 2013 in Turin, Italy (available at

From the abstract:

Bot detection methods that rely on deep packet in- spection (DPI) can be foiled by encryption. Encryption, however, increases entropy. This paper investigates whether adding high- entropy detectors to an existing bot detection tool that uses DPI can restore some of the bot visibility. We present two high-entropy classifiers, and use one of them to enhance BotHunter. Our results show that while BotHunter misses about 50% of the bots when they employ encryption, our high-entropy classifier restores most of its ability to detect bots, even when they use encryption.

This work is advised by Christos Papadopolous and Dan Massey at Colorado State University.