New Poster “Poster Abstract: Towards Active Measurements of Edge Network Outages” in PAM 2013

Lin Quan presented our outage work: “Poster Abstract: Towards Active Measurements of Edge Network Outages” at the PAM 2013 conference. Poster abstract is available at


End-to-end reachability is a fundamental service of the Internet. We study network outages caused by natural disasters, and political upheavals. We propose a new approach to outage detection using active probing. Like prior outage detection methods, our method uses ICMP echo requests (“pings”) to detect outages, but we probe with greater density and ner granularity, showing pings can detect outages without supplemental probing. The main contribution of our work is to de ne how to interpret pings as outages: defi ning an outage as a sharp change in block responsiveness relative to recent behavior. We also provide preliminary analysis of outage rate in the Internet edge. Space constrains this poster abstract to only sketches of our approach; details and validation are in our technical report. Our data is available at no charge, see

This work is based on our technical report:, joint work by Lin Quan, John Heidemann and Yuri Pradkin.