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release of the cryptopANT library for IP address anonymization

cryptopANT v1.0 (stable) has been released (available at https://ant.isi.edu/software/cryptopANT/) cryptopANT is a C library for IP address anonymization using crypto-PAn algorithm, originally defined by Georgia Tech. The library supports anonymization and de-anonymization (provided you possess a secret key) of IPv4, … Continue reading

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New Tech Report “Towards Geolocation of Millions of IP Addresses”

We just published a new technical report “Towards Geolocation of Millions of IP Addresses”, available at ftp://ftp.isi.edu/isi-pubs/tr-680.pdf. From the abstract: Previous measurement-based IP geolocation algorithms have focused on accuracy, studying a few targets with increasingly sophisticated algorithms taking measurements from tens … Continue reading

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