multiple views in browsable Internet address map

We’re happy to announce an update to our browsable Internet map at Our map now includes FIND ME and MULTIPLE VIEWS.

screenshot of browsing RTTs in the Internet
screenshot of browsing RTTs in the Internet

FIND ME: To locate any host on the map, click in the IP address address box (at the top right) and type in a hostname. A pushpin will appear at that address, with a bubble indicating the hostname and IP address, and the map will scroll to the location. No more manually finding addresses!

MULTIPLE VIEWS allow users to flip between different data types, census dates, source locations:

  1. DATA TYPES: We now plot round-trip times in addition to prior ping responsiveness. See how far away the Internet is! (At least from our probing sites.)
  2. CENSUS DATES: We currently plot five datasets from Nov 2006 to June 2009. Travel through time to see the Internet of yesteryear!
  3. SOURCE LOCATIONS: We collect data from two different locations: Los Angeles and Colorado State University, to help understand if we have observation bias. See the Internet from sea level, or a mile high!

To select different views, click the +-sign on the right of the screen and pick from the menus.

Data collection for this work is through the LANDER project, and the visualization improvements are due to AMITE, both supported by DHS.  We thank for the customizable front-end.