congratulations to Romello Goodman for his summer undergrad internship

I would to thank Romello Goodman for his summer internship at ANT, as part of the USC SURE (Viterbi Summer Undergraduate Research Experience) program.   Romello interned with us as part of his studies at Cal Lutheran (Thousand Oaks, California) where he is an undergraduate student in computer science.

Romello Goodman with his poster about his reverse-DNS crawling work, at the SURE poster session.

Romello’s project was developing a reverse DNS crawler for IPv4 to provide bulk domain name data that feeds into other research projects such as our Internet census work.  He explored several approaches and his code is running today crawling the whole Internet.  We have used other sources of DNS data in the past–we look forward to his approaches providing a regularly updated dataset for evaluation.

We expect to make datasets from his research available in the future as they are completed.  His software is currently available.

His research at ISI was jointly advised by Yuri Pradkin and John Heidemann.