LACREND: Los Angeles/Colorado Research Exchange for Network Data

Project Summary

The LACREND project participates as a data provider and a data-hosting site under the PREDICT program. LACREND will provide the research community with a rich set of high-quality network data, including traffic traces and network topology information. The ultimate goal of this work is to enable new research and improvements in network security.

LACREND is a joint research effort of USC's Information Sciences Institute, Computer Science Department, and Information Technology Services and is supported by the DHS IMPACT program through contract NBCHC040137 (2004-2007) and NBCHC080035 (starting 2007).




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As of January 2016, LACREND provides more than 400 datasets (more than 25TB compressed or 113TB uncopmressed) to researchers, either through PREDICT or directly to researchers (see details about getting data). We have provided more than 1200 datasets to nearly 150 different researchers over the last 10 years.

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