ANT Address Survey Software


A plugin for Hadoop that parses icmptrain output from our ipv4 censuses and surveys.


A command-line tool that prints icmptrain output from our ipv4 censuses and surveys.

We have developed a set of software that does rapid probing of the IPv4 address space in a responsible manner.


Icmptrain is our rapid IPv4 prober (or “pinger”), sending and recieving ICMP echo requests.

We do not generally release this code because we believe wholeslae scanning of IPv4 is bad for the Internet community–it adds considerably to the “background noise” of traffic, and responsible probing (with proper announcements and opt-out handling) requires some effort. We will consider sharing this software with responsible researchers on request; please contact us if that is of interest.

We do, however, make all data from regular Internet censuses and surveys available on our census and survey dataset page.

We also publically distribute icmptrain-hadoop-reader and print_datafile, software to read these datasets.