ANT dataset requests

We have a full list of our datasets on-line, and also a list of the categories of datasets and their formats.

Datasets are available through the participation of the LACREND project in the DHS IMPACT program, or contact us via ANT e-mail address

IMPACT currently supports researchers in the U.S. and only a few other countries. If you’re outside the U.S. but in a supported country, please let us know so we can make sure the process goes smoothly. We strongly encourage non-U.S. researchers to both apply for the IMPACT account and ask us for the dataset directly. It’s useful to show IMPACT a non-US demand for data, and we can make some datasets (such as those that pre-date IMPACT or support a published paper) available outside of IMPACT.

For direct dataset requests, we will ask:

  1. WHAT DATASETS? Which specific dataset you want (use the “name” column of Please be specific about which datasets, since “an address space census” describes 20 datasets and many GB of data, probably not what you want.

  2. WHAT PROJECT? A statement about the research project (including funder, if any) and institute (school, business, etc.) where the work will be done. (If you have no external funding or are not part of an institution, say so.)

    We will need e-mail sent from your institution as part of this process. (Even if your preferred e-mail is with a third party like gmail or hotmail, we need at least one message from your home instittuion.)

  3. WHY THESE DATASETS? A brief justification (a few sentences) about why the dataset is needed to advance that research.

    An example justification might be “Need to evaluate if new apporaches to spectral analysis can identify DoS attacks in aggregate traffic for my PhD-thesis rearch.

    The things we’re looking for are some statement about what is novel about what you need to do (“new spectral analyis”), some statement on how you’ll do it (“spectral analysis of to identify DDoS in aggregate traffic”), and some statement of the context of the work (“for PhD-thesis research”).

    Our goal is to get some rough idea if the data can actually serve the purpose you suggest (for you), and to have some idea of how the data is being used (for us).

  4. WHY NOT IMPACT? A statement why you cannot make the request through IMPACT. We hope to broaden IMPACT’s coverage and showing need is helpful to that end.

    We will need a statement from you that you attempted to apply for a IMPACT account, and what their response was.

  5. You will need to sign the data use agrement.

All dataset users must agree to USC’s memo of agreement (see a summary on the ANT privacy page).

Researchers will send us answers to these questions via a web form that we will provide to you in e-mail.