LANDER: Los Angeles Network Data Exchange and Repository

Project Summary

The LANDER project was active from 2004-2007, with the LANDER-2007 project following on from 2007-2013. Although that work has completed, similar work continues on [the LACREND project](../lacrend/index.html).

The LANDER project participates as a data provider and a data-hosting site under the PREDICT program. LANDER will provide the research community with a rich set of high-quality network data, including traffic traces and network topology information. The ultimate goal of this work is to enable new research and improvements in network security.

LANDER is a joint research effort of USC's Information Sciences Institute, Computer Science Department, and Information Technology Services and is supported by the DHS PREDICT program through contract NBCHC040137 (2004-2007) and NBCHC080035 (starting 2007).



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