DINR 2024 Program

(General information about the workshop.)

We will post abstracts when the are finalized. We will post slides after the event for all talks, unless authors request they not be posted.

This program is a draft and may still change.

(All abstracts in a .zip)

Wednesday, 4 April 2024

The workshop will be on 2024-04-04 from 15:00-19:00 UTC (that’s 07:00-11:00 PDT on the US west coast, or 10:00-14:00 on the US east coast).

Each session will have 3 talks with a few clarifying questions, followed by a 30 minute discussion where we discuss all papers and the session topic.

13:30 UTC06:30 PDTZoom Opens
14:00 UTC07:00 PDTIntroduction
14:05 UTC07:00 PDTSession 1: Measurement
moderator: John Heidemann
Transparent DNS Forwarders: A (Still) Unnoticed Component of the Open DNS Infrastructure (abstract, slides) Maynard Koch (TU Dresden), Marcin Nawrocki (NETSCOUT), Thomas C. Schmidt (HAW Hamburg), Matthias Wählisch (TU Dresden)
Adoption and Implementation of QNAME Minimization in DNS (abstract, slides) Jonathan Magnusson (Karlstad University)
An Update on DNS Integration Measurements and Challenges (abstract, slides) Andrew Kaizer (Verisign), Will Naciri (Verisign), Swapneel Sheth (Verisign)
15:00 UTC07:55 PDTSession 2: Events and Issues Today
moderator: Moritz Müller
A Study of Unexpected DNS Queries at B-Root (abstract, slides) Dipsy Desai (University of Southern California), Jelena Mirkovic (USC/ISI)
The importance of optimizing DNS filtering when under attack (abstract, slides) Wes Hardaker (USC/ISI)
Automated Discovery of DNS Resolver Vulnerabilities with Stateful Fuzzing (abstract, slides) Qifan Zhang (University of California, Irvine), Xuesong Bai (University of California, Irvine), Xiang Li (Tsinghua University), Haixin Duan (Tsinghua University), Qi Li (Tsinghua University), Zhou Li (University of California, Irvine)
15:55 UTC08:55 PDTshort break (10 minutes)
16:05 UTC09:05 PDTSession 3: About the Future
moderator: Wes Hardaker
A testbed to evaluate quantum-safe cryptography in DNSSEC (abstract, slides Caspar Schutijser (SIDN Labs), Elmer Lastdrager (SIDN Labs), Ralph Koning (SIDN Labs and University of Amsterdam), Cristian Hesselman (SIDN Labs and University of Twente)
Fingerprinting Malicious Tunnels in DNS over QUIC (abstract, slides) Hafiz Farooq (Saudi Aramco)
Secure Name Resolution in the IoT (abstract, slides) Martine Sophie Lenders (TU Dresden), Thomas C. Schmidt (HAW Hamburg), Matthias Wählisch (TU Dresden)
17:00 UTC10:00 PDTSession 4: Encrypted Transports
moderator: Allison Mankin
10 Years of Encrypted Stub to Recursive DNS (abstract, slides) Sara Dickinson (Sinodun IT)
DNS-over-TLS and Root-Server Statistics (abstract, slides) John Heidemann (USC/ISI), Wes Hardaker (USC/ISI), Yuri Pradkin (USC/ISI)
Recursive to Authoritative encryption - where are we? (abstract, slides) Sara Dickinson (Sinodun IT)
17:55 UTC10:55 PDTClosing Discussion