Research Outputs from Auditing for Discrimination in Job Ad Delivery

This webpage documents a paper, dataset and presentation video related to our 2021 study of discrimination in job ad delivery on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Our methodology is described in the following paper:

Title: Auditing for Discrimination in Algorithms Delivering Job Ads
Authors: Basileal Imana, Aleksandra Korolova, and John Heidemann
Venue: In Proceedings of The Web Conference 2021 (WWW ‘21), April 19–23, 2021, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Runner-up Best Student Paper Award
Links: PDF, Video, Bibtex, Twitter.


Below is a recording of our conference presentation for The Web Conference 2021.

Data for Figures in the Paper

We list specific advertisements below, by figure in the paper.

Figure 3: Measuring discrimination in delivery of real-world ads on LinkedIn and Facebook

Figure 4: Comparision of ad delivery using “Reach” and “Conversion” objectives on Facebook

See Facebook’s documentation of the different campaign objectives it makes available to advertisers, such as awareness, reach and engagement here. (image)

Experiment Data

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