IPv4 Hitlists

An IP hitlist is a list of a address in each /24 network block that is most likely to respond to an ICMP echo request message.

We have been provide IPv4 hitlist datasets since 2009 and internet_address_hitlist_it28w-beta-20090914. We update hitlists about 4 to 6 times per year, each time we take an IPv4 census.

For a complete list of current and old hitlists, see all datasets with “hitlist” in the name in our list of datasets. We recommend users get the most recent hitlist, internet_address_hitlist_itNNw-YYYYMMDD–that is, find the hitlist where the NN and YYYYMMDD are larger than all others and keep targets with score >= 0.

We also describe the data format of IPv4 hitlists.