IP Address Space Hitlists

This web page documents the format of our IP Address Space Hitlist. Our address space hitlist is available upon request.

An IP Address Space Hitlist is a list of IP addresses in the Internet that we believe are reachable via ping. Topology studies and routing often look at traceroutes to these addresses to understand internet topology.

Example topology studies and tools include CADIA's Archipelago (and previously skitter), studies of routing on reachability (for example, "Testing the reachability of (new) address space").

Our hitlists are primiarily dervied from our Address Censuses, and we are updating it using new census data is it comes in. In addition, to start our list, we began with the data from Olaf Maennel (and Randy Bush, Matthew Roughan, and Steve Uhlig, used in their paper "Internet Optometry: Assessing the Broken Glasses in Internet Reachability".), and our understanding is that this list dates back to the CAIDA Skitter list started by kc claffy et al.

The selection goals and methodology for our list:

Currently we consider a history of 16 prior censuses.

Pre-release hitlists (alpha and beta) omit some results. Alpha hitlists do not include representatives with scores -1 or -2; beta hitlists omit representatives with scores of -2.

The format is a simple text file, one entry per line, with fields separated by tabs. The first line is a header indicating the columns' names:

#fsdb -F t hex_ip score ip

The meaning of each column:

Here's a partial example of a file (with fake IP addresses):

	#fsdb -F t hex_ip score ip
	0a0025d6        99
	0a002615        99
	0a002713        -1
	0a0029b2        38
	0a002a01        -2