NIPET Architecture

Architectural Blocks

Our proposed archictecture provides you with the following research infrastructure components:

  • Dedicated hardware to run your research software on
  • Network taps to integrate research hardware into
  • Pre and post processing hardware and software for encoding/decoding your results
  • A comparison engine to test your results against production traffic
  • Real, Live DNS root-zone queries to test your research
  • Data archiving and analysis tools for capturing the results of your research

Multi-User Approach

We intend the experimental testbed to simultaneously support multiple research efforts. Using a defined networking architecture, visualization techniques, etc we will multiple testbeds operating in parallel as depicted below.

Data-Flow Architecture


Send Us Your Feedback and Requirements

We would love to hear from you; please contact Wes Hardaker with thoughts, ideas and requirements you may have for research projects you would like to run on this architecture.