OCSP Latency

This web page documents our dataset of active probing OCSP servers for popular Alexa websites.

OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) is a protocol used to check certificate revocation with HTTP requests.

This dataset is used in paper: [1]

  • Liang Zhu, Johanna Amann and John Heidemann 2016. Measuring the Latency and Pervasiveness of TLS Certificate Revocation. Passive and Active Measurements Conference (Heraklion, Crete, Greece, Mar. 2016). [PDF] Details

Datatset Format

The format is a simple text file, one entry per line, with fields separated by tabs. The first line is a header indicating the columns’ names:

 #fsdb -F t name create_request total_delay

The meaning of each column:

  • name: website
  • create_request: time to generate the OCSP request
  • total_delay: the total time between creating the request and receiving the response </ul> ## Getting this data This data is available [upon request](../requests.html).