IP Accumulation Datasets

This web page documents our datasets about IP accumulation–counts of the number of active addresses per /24 IPv4 blocks over time. Our datasets are available upon request.

What data do you have? We current have data starting in 2020.

What is in the data? We document the format of accumulation datasets.

Relevant Publications

These datasets have been used in the following publications:

  • technical report [1]
  • Xiao Song and John Heidemann 2021. Measuring the Internet during Covid-19 to Evaluate Work-from-Home. Technical Report arXiv:2102.07433v4 [cs.NI]. USC/ISI. [PDF] Details

Most Recent Datasets

name shortname Start Date
ip_accumulation_a39-20200101 2020q1 2020-01-01
ip_accumulation_a40-20200401 2020q2 2020-04-01
ip_accumulation_a46-20211101 2021q4 2021-11-01
ip_accumulation_a47-20220101 2022q1 2021-01-01

Getting this data

For the detailed formats of each dataset, please refer to the corresponding README file at our dataset list page.