Datasets about the Diurnal Internet

This web page documents our datasets about diurnal analysis of the Internet. Our datasets are available upon request to researchers at no charge.

Datasets from Our Paper on "When the Internet Sleeps"

A12 dataset, containing 3 sites, ISI (w), CSU (c) and Japan (j), plus supplemental data and diurnal-specific analysis:

name shortname Start Date Duration /24 Blocks
internet_outage_adaptive_a12_diurnal-20130424 A12_diurnal 2013-04-24 35 days 3703717
internet_outage_adaptive_a12w-20130424 A12w 2013-04-24 35 days 3703717
internet_outage_adaptive_a12c-20130424 A12c 2013-04-24 35 days 3703717
internet_outage_adaptive_a12j-20130424 A12j 2013-04-24 35 days 3703717
internet_outage_adaptive_a12_supplement-20130831 -- -- -- --

For the detail formats of each dataset, please refer to the corresponding README file at our dataset list page.

For related work, see our outage analysis.