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The Stock Bio

I do research at ISI in the Networking and Cybersecurity Division. I also teach at USC’s Thomas Lord Department of Computer Science. My current research interests are Internet measurement with applications in security and policy, and design of network protocol and critical systems. I got my PhD (in computer science) from UCLA’s Computer Science Deptartment in 1995 under Gerald Popek, and my BS in computer science at University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1989.

I grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska (a good place to do that) and have lived in the LA-area since 1989.


Two potential amusements:

Real Life

In my copious spare time I enjoy reading, playing and listening to music, especially vocal music, where I’ve been fortunate to sing some great music (Bach’s passions and mass, Brahms’ requiem) under some phenominal directors (Thomas Sommerville, Don Neuen, Carlos Messerli), photography, and writing software. I also bicycle (commuting to work down the beach when I can), and used to play basketball and swim, but family life has consumed much of that time.

A Quote

A quote from Larry Wall (from the Perl README file) that applies:

Just a personal note: I want you to know that I create nice things like this because it pleases the Author of my story. If this bothers you, then your notion of Authorship needs some revision. But you can use perl anyway. :-)

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