Datasets About Anycast Agility Against DDoS in Tangled Testbed

anygility - anycast agility datasets in Tangled

This page contains the datasets related to Tangled testbed. The other datasets and tools are available in the following links:

Available dataset from Tangled

There are the following datasets collected from Tangled (all files are in CSV format):

  • 3_sites: catchment distribution with 3 sites. Download
  • 5_sites: catchment distribution with 5 sites. Download
  • 7_sites: catchment distribution with 7 sites. Download
  • Poisoning: catchment distribution using path poisoning. Download
  • 5_sites_2022: new dataset with 5 sites. Download

The 3-7 sites experiment contains the following measurements:

  • UNICAST: test with just one node active to assure reachability.
  • BASELINE: all set of nodes active and no specific routing configuration.
  • NEGATIVE PREPEND: experiment with 1 to 5 negative prepends on each site.
  • POSITIVE PREPEND: experiment with 1 to 5 prepends on each site.
  • COMMUNITY: Measurement using distinct BGP communities.

The 5_sites_2022 dataset contains the 5-sites baseline, prepends, and negative prepends (1-5).

More details about file format and additional files are available on readme.txt

Data analysis was partially done using python notebooks. You can find it here

Dataset use:

If you are using these datasets, please cite this work.