thanks for ANT hosting

Measuring the Internet requires observing it from different perspectives and locations. The ANT project owe a huge thanks to the many individuals and groups who have hosted hardware for us over the years.

These folks have hosted pingers, helped with peering, assisted in general network measurements, and helped handle abuse complaints.


  • Jim Koda (ISI, now retried): peering
  • Richard Nelson (now retired) and Derek Lazzaro: hosting infrastructure
  • Herb Schorr, John O’Brien, and Prem Natarajan: support for hosting infrastructure

At the Unversity of Southern California

  • Brian Yamaguchi (USC)

At Colorado State University

  • Christos Padopoulos (CSU): co-PI and hosts a pinger

In Japan

At Keio University, hosted by the WIDE project.

  • Kenjiro Cho (IIJ and WIDE)
  • Midori Kato (Keio U. and WIDE)
  • Yohei Kuga (Kieo U. and WIDE)
  • Shigeya Suzuki (WIDE)
  • Rod Van Meter (Keio U. and WIDE)

In Greece

At Athens University of Economics And Business.

  • George C. Polyzos (AUEB)
  • George Xylomenos (AUEB)

In the Netherlands

Hosted by SURFNet

  • Wim Biemolt
  • Gijs Rijnders