First IMC Workshop on Internet Visualization (WIV 2012)

(Sponsored by ACM SIGCOMM)
November 13, 2012
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
In conjunction with ACM Internet Measurements Conference IMC 2012 (November 14-16, 2012).


2012-11-08: all papers are now on-line in the program

2012-10-16: The program with times has been posted. We will add pointers to papers when the workshop nears.

2012-10-15: please register for the workshop and make travel arrangements. Local arrangements and registrion are handled by IMC; please note there are separate costs for both WIV and IMC.

2012-10-13: The WIV program is now available. We will add pointers to papers when the workshop nears.

About WIV

Measurement is important to understanding the Internet and related networks, and for more than a decade conferences have been dedicated to network measurement. However, in an age where increasingly large sets of semantically rich data ("big data") is being collected about today's networks, visualization plays an ever more critical role in understanding this data and ultimately the networks themeselves. Yet, technical advances in network visualization often require a different perspective than is typical for network measurements. WIV 2012 seeks to provide a venue to discuss these advances.

[the Internet in 1969]
The Internet in 1969. (From UCLA; Cerf, Crocker, Kleinrock, Postel; 1969. Printed "Casting the Net" by Peter Salus, courtsey of Alex McKenzie.)
[the Internet in 1977]
The Internet in 1977 (from "The ARPANET Completion Report", BBN.)
[NSFNET 1992-94]
The NSFNET 1992-94 (from Cox and Patterson's "NSFNET visualization", UIUC.)