Calvin Ardi

I am a Computer Scientist at USC/ISI with research interests in Internet measurement and network security & privacy. I received my PhD at USC in 2020, working with John Heidemann in the Analysis of Network Traffic (ANT) group, and my BS at UC Berkeley.

My current research focuses on building traffic generation and measurement applications for use in experimentation on cybersecurity and networking testbeds and measuring the performance of the application layer on the Internet.

See my other homepage, hosted by the Open Computing Facility at my alma mater, UC Berkeley.




Next generation web measurements. Content on today’s Internet is increasingly behind walled gardens: we are developing new techniques and tools to gather representative measurements of the web.

Video streaming traffic generation. Building reproducible and realistic video streaming traffic generators for evaluating next-generation QoS and traffic engineering systems.

AuntieTuna. An anti-phishing browser extension that combines local phish detection on the web with data sharing between peers to improve our collective immunity against phishing.

Retro-Future. A framework for sharing network security data between multiple organizations for faster and more comprehensive incident response, with a goal of automation and future incident forecasting. Retro-Future was a collaborative effort with USC/ISI, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Colorado State University.

Content Reuse Detection. A set of techniques to discover and detect content reuse and duplication on web-scale datasets, with applications in finding phishing websites.

Other prior work: Evaluating availability of cloud services and systems, securing personal cloud applications, delay-tolerant networks.