babarchive_prep_one - checksum a directory tree to createa new babarchive


babarchive_prep_one [-a ALG] [-j N] [-n] [-x] [DIR…]


Babarchive_prep_one checksum a directory tree to createa new babarchive.

For each DIR, prepare it as the root of a new babarchive checsumed directory tree.


  1. check for files that should not be archived (like .xvpics, *~, etc.)
  2. create a .shasum (or .sha1sum) checksum file in each directory for validation
  3. optionally create an index.html in the root (if the -i DIRNAME is given)
  4. create an ls-lR in the root
  5. create a .shasum.fsdb file in the root

This program is intended to be run by users. And a user or root should periodcally run babarchive_check_all(1) to check babarchive integrity.


-a ALG
select checksum algorithm: sha256 (default), sha512, sha1, md5
-j N
run N parallel sums concurrently (defaults to 4)
build an index.html file that points to directories in DIRNAME and index.html
(default is to not build an index.html file)
force mode, fix problems and go on


Written by John Heidemann and Yuri Pradkin.


Copyright (C) 2001-2016 by John Heidemann. License GPLv2 (only).

This program is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.


babarchive (8), babarchive_check_all (1)

This program calls babarchive_prep_directories (1) and babarchive_prep_topshasum (1).