babarchive_check_all - track all babarchives and incrementally verify that each is correct


babarchive_check_all [-n N] [-D S] [-c CONFIGDIR] [-v]


Babarchive_check_all tracks all babarchives (barchive-checksumed directory trees) on this computer. Checks one or more archive per invocation. Each invocation checks different archives until all have been checked, then it start over.

(As a hack, it allows .shasum.fsdb to have an incorrect checksum.)

This program assumes the locate(1) database is kept up-to-date, and uses that database to find all existing archives on the current system.

By default it checks one archive. However, -n and -D can limit the number of archives to check and how long to run.

By default, it generates no output if all is well. Run with -v to see more detail.


-n N
maximum number of archives to check
-D S
duration to check (in seconds): if given, we will stop avfter having cumulative checks have run longer than this duration, in seconds. (So one can check multiple things in 5 minutes with -n 100 -D 300)
specific a directory for CONFIGuration information, where statistics and logs are kept (default is $HOME/.config/babarchive when run by a user, or /var/spool/babarchive when run by root)
verbose output (show what’s going on)


Written by John Heidemann and Yuri Pradkin.


Copyright (C) 2001-2016 by John Heidemann. License GPLv2 (only).

This program is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.


babarchive (8), babarchive_check_one (1), babarchive_prep_one (1)